Beginners (2010)

The movie “Beginners” has two story-lines. One is about the death of a man who came out as gay to his son just recently, the other part of the movie is about this man’s son, who’s falling in love with a French actress.

This movie is not only powerful because of its cinematographic power, but also because of the story told. It’s a rather extraordinary story, and yet it feels closer to real-life than most of the love-stories out there.

I very much appreciate how the movie is about the father’s homosexuality, but at the same time doesn’t make a big deal out of it. I also like how one part of the movie is about a homosexual relationship, and the other one about a heterosexual relationship. Most movies seem to be about heterosexual relationships, and then there’s a few about homosexual relationships, but hardly ever does a movie come out (no pun intended) that includes both. But that’s real life. People in a non-heterosexual relationship don’t live in a gay bubble excluded from the rest of the life. And the other way around, although people might not experience it that much unless a close friend or family member of theirs isn’t straight.

The Beginners is a well-written movie, with beautiful images, and witty remarks despite the rather serious over-all feeling to the movie.